Hello, caring heart.

We all want to make a difference and leave a legacy in this rapidly changing world. So we are calling you in, to make a step toward a new era that we can build together. We invite you to consider joining the New One Percent -- an innovative way for everyday Minnesotans to make a powerful statement for health equity, by

building a financial support circle around healing justice practitioners

on the front lines of health inequities and tragedies, and providing preventive, trauma-informed, and culturally congruent care.

We are seeking friends and collaborators who can commit to a low, but consistent monthly donation to the MN Healing Justice Network Fund, which will be accessible by application to all IBPOC practitioners across the state. 

To offer some context, the healing justice movement was founded by queer and trans people of color and continues to center working-class, poor and disabled Black and brown femmes. Healing Justice is community healing that is affordable, accessible and takes many forms: whether herbal support or acupuncture, or simply feeding people a warm and nutritious meal. It began in response to the high burn-out and stress that was being seen in social justice organizations and is a vital way to fuel and replenish change makers and front line health care workers.

The strategic role of the Fund is to ease some of the unjust barriers that members of these communities often face, from assisting with childcare and health crises, to educational and financial support that may not be available to small business or nonprofit workers.


In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, this support is even more crucial -

as doulas are restricted from certain hospitals and bodyworkers, educators and many more are out of work. The Fund is available especially for key points in a practitioner's career around emergencies or expansion:

  • Keeping them afloat through times when they might otherwise burnout or drop out, and

  • Encouraging them to expand their skills in order to have a larger impact on more clients (either individually or by hiring or teaching additional practitioners)

We are asking all Minnesotan businesses and owners who work in wellness or are passionate about health equity -

chiropractors, acupuncturists, midwives, doulas, therapists, yoga teachers and more --  to consider donating one percent of their monthly income as part of a New One Percent. That means, $30 per month for a practice making $3,000 monthly, and your donation can ebb and flow if your income does as well.  

We also ask that you let your clients know about the New One Percent campaign as well, and similar to local grocery coop’s “Round Up” programs, offer them the option to donate 1% of their wellness transactions to the Fund. That's one dollar added for every $100 spent, or $10 for every $1000. These modest contributions, if done across

dozens or hundreds of businesses, will add up to real change for practitioners sustaining and growing their work, and consistent, high quality supportive care for hundreds of families.

Businesses that participate will be added to our public list of sponsors, and can display the New One Percent name badge on their website and publications, showing their commitment to public health, health care workers, and making a financial stand in solidarity. 

If you have questions, would like to discuss further, or discuss ways to support in non-monetary ways, in-kind, or tax deductible donations, feel free to email [email protected]. We are excited to connect with you! Please keep in mind we are a volunteer run organization, and will be in touch as soon as possible. 

Thank you so much for considering, and for your care, in all the ways it travels.


The Minnesota Healing Justice Network


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